Lasik over RK or AK

If you had RK (radial keratotomy) or AK (astigmatic keratotomy) in the past, you may still qualify for an enhancement (touch up) procedure. Radial Keratotomy (Radial Incisions Across the Cornea) is no longer performed as a primary refractive procedure; however, in many instances, individuals who have had this procedure may require additional surgery to improve their vision. In many cases, LASIK (or PRK) can be performed over the RK incisions. You will need to meet with our refractive surgeon to determine if you are, indeed, a candidate. In addition, our surgeon will determine which procedure is best suited for you. Astigmatic Keratotomy is still performed today. Most commonly, one or two arcuate incisions are placed symmetrically across the peripheral cornea in order to reduce or eliminate astigmatism. In certain instances, the incisions are not enough to correct the individuals vision needs. Again, LASIK (or PRK) can still be performed as an additional corrective procedure.

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