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Augmented Reality – The Future of Cataract Removal

The marvels of technology, especially in medical technology, have given all of us the ability to age more gracefully. The quality of our later lives has been enhanced by innovations that past generations could never imagine.

Our ability to retain excellent eyesight over the course of our lives is one of the great benefits of modern science. That’s why today we can take advantage of the latest in cataract surgery available to patients of Nevada Eye Physicians. It is the LENSAR system.

The Basics The LENSAR system is a revolutionary new way for surgeons to remove cataracts and help improve your vision and lifestyle in the safest way possible. How does it do this? With the help of LENSAR’s revolutionary new augmented reality imaging system and flexible procedure planning, cataract removal surgery has never been more precise, simple, and beneficial. Using a system of computer images and precise laser cuts, the LENSAR system is making it easier for patients to enjoy full vision for years to come.

What is ‘augmented reality’ and how does it work? Augmented reality is a process of integrating digital imagery into real life (or vice-versa) in order to create a changed place or thing with which to interact. It’s similar to virtual reality, only, instead of putting yourself inside a digital world, the user is putting parts of the digital world into real life.

In terms of the LENSAR System’s use of augmented reality in surgery, the Nevada Eye Physicians surgeon performing the cataract removal will first create a complex digital image of your eye, detailed enough to highlight each and every part of it, including minor, unpredictable features such as lens tilt (where the old or new intraocular lens is formed at or moved to an suboptimal angle to the rest of the eye) and allow them to discern what needs to be done to first soften and then remove the cataract.

This is known as LENSAR’s Flexible Procedure planning, and can be done through a programmed algorithm that is tailored specifically to your particular recorded biometric data.

Cataracts do not Stand a Chance Using this image your Nevada Eye Physicians cataract surgeon will then be able to direct LENSAR’s lasers to the precise points around your eye, while the machine matches these directions to accurately and safely perform the surgery. The system’s precise monitoring of all activity in and around the eye allow it to quickly alter the laser’s position to ensure that all unwanted material is marked for removal and no damage is done to any other part of the eye.

Once the cataract is removed, your surgeon will once again be able to use the images created of your eye to effectively and precisely plan for where and how the replacement intraocular lens will be placed.

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