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Back to School Eye Exams

Summer is coming to an end and we find ourselves rushing around getting back-to-school
supplies, new backpacks, and finding the best sales on new clothes for kids, but did you
remember to get your child’s vision checked? Will your child be able to see what the teacher
puts up on the screen at school? Will he/she be able to read their homework? Sometimes it’s
the things we forget about that affect them the most in learning.

All children should have at least one formal visual exam before school age. The American
Academy of Ophthalmology recommends first eye exams as young as 6 months old, again at 3
years old, and every two years starting at age 6. Children do not have the ability to tell us if
they are seeing clearly or not until they are approximately 8 or 9 years old, and this is often
after visual centers of the brain have completed their development. Unfortunately, in some
groups of children, we have missed the opportunity of clearing their vision up and they end up
with permanently decreased vision that glasses cannot even fix. This is called amblyopia. The
good news is that amblyopia is 100% preventable and reversible if caught and treated early!

While you are out and about shopping for new that new backpack, be sure to call Nevada Eye
Physicians to schedule your child’s back-to-school eye exam today.

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