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Colored Contact Lenses with Dr. G

Halloween is a great time of family fun and spookiness. At no other time is it acceptable to be dressed as a zombie, a witch, or a super hero. Many people love to be dressed as realistic as possible, which may include wigs, prosthetics and accessories. Sometimes to achieve that precise look, people choose to alter their appearance of their eyes with colored contact lenses. Using colored contact lenses is a great way to add the finishing touch, as long as the lenses were prescribed by an eye care professional. Wearing colored contact lenses that were not prescribed may pose many hazards to the eye and vision. Very Painful and vision threatening corneal infections may occur from improperly fitting contact lenses. Corneal infection can lead to permanent vision loss, corneal transplant or even loss of the eye. Remember these very important details:

  1. Have your eyes examined by a licensed eye care professional and receive a prescription for a properly fitted contact lens.
  2. There are many online retailers of contact lenses, but remember it is illegal to sell contact lenses without a prescription in the United States.
  3. Never buy contact lenses from a supplier who does not require a prescription.
  4. Even though you may have perfect vision, you still need a prescription for colored contact lenses.
  5. Never use someone else’s contact lenses.
  6. If you experience pain, redness or irritation with contact lens use, remove the contact lenses immediately, and seek medical attention right away.

To schedule an appointment or get more information on contact lenses, please call Dr. Vincent Gassen or any of our other Physicians at 702-896-6043. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.    

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