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Everything You Should Know About Cataracts

Written by Lisa Marie Wark, MBA & Assoc.,

A cataract can be described as a gradual clouding which takes place within the natural lens of the eye, located behind the iris. Cataracts are generally painless, but they can be quite troublesome in the way that they impact vision. 

What causes Cataracts?

The natural lens of the eye is typically transparent, and its job is to direct light onto the retina at the back of the eye, creating a sharp and clear image of what we see. When we begin to grow older, chemical changes can occur within our eyes which cause the lens to become cloudy, forming the cataracts. Nevada Eye & Ear surgeons specialize in removing those cataracts, thus improving vision.

 What to Expect if You get Cataracts

In most cases, cataracts begin to form relatively slowly. It may take years for some people to begin noticing problems. Most doctors suggest that everyone who lives long enough will experience cataracts at some point, as they are not preventable in otherwise healthy eyes. Cataracts aren't caused by wearing the wrong kind of glasses or straining your eyes, but when they do start to develop, light transmission within the eye can suffer, and clarity of vision decreases. This is when people should recognize that they need help, and contact your eye doctor. The primary symptom of cataracts is a reduction in vision clarity. However, the circumstances under which your vision decreases may vary depending on the kind of cataract you suffer from. Some people experience problems seeing well in brightly lit conditions, whereas others have trouble with reading.

Are there different Types of Cataracts?

Although all forms of cataracts occur within the natural lens of the eye, the cloudiness that you experience could develop throughout different areas of the lens. In addition, there are specific conditions that can have a hand in causing cataracts. The most common reason is simply part of the natural aging process. On the other hand, injuries to the eye can cause damage to the clear lens, and a traumatic cataract can begin to develop. Other conditions, such as diabetes, and certain infections might cause a secondary cataract. In particularly rare circumstances, cataracts have already developed at birth, or quickly thereafter.

Can I prevent cataracts?

At this moment, medical science has found no way to prevent the development of cataracts. However, Nevada Eye & Ear eye doctors and surgeons can effectively remove cataracts so that they do not have a lasting impact on a person's vision and quality of life. Because various conditions can cause the same symptoms, Nevada Eye & Ear doctors carefully examines their patients' eyes to ensure that they provide the ideal treatment for the issue that is present. Once you have decided to have the cataract removed, you will be able to schedule your surgery according to a schedule that is convenient for you. This is typically on an outpatient basis and soon your vision clarity will be returned. If you or someone you know is suffering from cloudy vision and may have the beginning onset of cataracts, call us at 702-896-6043. You don't have to suffer, today there are so many safe options when it comes to removing cataracts.

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