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Eye Care: Standard Cataracts Surgery vs Laser Procedures

Written by Lisa Marie Wark, MBA & Assoc.*

According to scientific studies in the realm of eye and vision health, the use of precise, technologically innovative lasers could serve to make cataract surgery even safer. In an effort to provide the best quality in vision support and care, Nevada Eye & Ear offers a range of skilled, professional, and experienced surgeons, capable of using the newest technology to its optimum level. One of our top cataract surgeons and medical director at Stonecreek Surgery Center’s of Ophthalmology, Dr. Surjeet Singh, is one of the first surgeons to achieve the advanced laser cataract certificates using the Lensar laser. Dr. Singh specializes specifically in safe cataracts removal using advanced technology, and has performed over 3,000 cataract surgeries in a space of five years.

Understanding Cataract Surgery

Today, over 1.5 million cataract procedures are performed every year within the United States. The statistics show that approximately one in three Americans, mostly those past a certain age, will need to have the surgery at some point during their lives. The removal process involves breaking up and extracting the natural lens of the eye, after it has become clouded. An artificial lens is then placed in the eye to replace the lost lens, thereby offering appropriate levels of vision correction for each individual patient. Today, many aspects of cataract surgery are commonly performed manually by an expert surgeon, such as those at Nevada Eye & Ear. The initial incision is made with a scalpel, then an ultrasound instrument is used to break up the cataracts in the eye.

Choosing Laser Cataract Surgery

The use of laser technology in removing cataracts allows surgeons to have a greater degree of precision and control during the procedure. One example of this increased precision can be seen in the original incision. When the incision into the eye is made through the motion of a human hand guiding a blade, there are numerous limitations as to what can be achieved. On the other hand, a laser can be utilized to deliver a perfectly designed zig-zag incision, which carefully interlocks and improves the patient's chances that the eye will self-seal, and therefore heal much faster. There are numerous benefits to utilizing lasers in delicate surgery such as this, beyond simply an improved rate of cataract surgery recovery. Using a laser should also help to reduce the chance of capsule breakage. After finding the right implant, ensuring the preservation of the natural capsule is incredibly important. However, the capsule is remarkably thin, meaning that the precision of the laser can make this process much simpler.

The Potential is Limitless

Once carefully honed technology such as lasers have begun to enter the arena of surgical opportunity, astute surgeons such as Dr. Singh have a spectacularly wider door opened up to them in terms of possibilities and avenues to consider taking. Despite the significant evidence that laser cataracts removal could be incredibly beneficial to those who follow through with this procedure, we are still only starting to make progress into the concept of laser surgery. It is estimated that in the future, the scope of what is possible in improving vision and removing cataracts could reach levels that are unimaginable today.

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*Lisa Marie Wark, MBA owns a social media agency and is a business development consultant with a concentration in medical spas and alternative clinics. Currently she is President of Lisa Marie Wark, MBA & Assoc., a business development and social media firm that provides physicians the necessary business tools to help them build or expand their practices into fee for service business models.

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