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Fall Frame Fashion Trends

Sept24-Blog-Photo500x660Spotted on the hottest runways and on the eyes of the most renowned fashion icons, eyewear has become a must-have accessory for both guys and gals. Wearing specs and sunglasses is the perfect way to play up your peepers and give any outfit a boost. During the spring season we noted the renovation and the invention of new forms of wearing your typical glasses, with different shades available as well as all sorts of different designs. This season we see many of them continuing on, with lots of rounded pieces appearing here and there and funky rims in simplistic terms completing the summer moving into autumn transition, seamlessly done. Below are a few of the biggest fall/ winter 2015-2016 eyewear trends that were spotted on the different runway shows by fashion designers big and small, male and female, with their own lines or working as creative directors for some of the greatest and oldest fashion houses.

#1: Modern Cat Eye Frames

When it comes to the shapes of the eyes, cat eyes are big. There is just something quite pleasing about having your eyes turn up, making everyone feel and look just a bit happier.

#2: Sunglasses with Darker Shaded Lenses

During the spring and summer shows, we were treated to colorful lenses, lighter colors and ombre sunglasses. There were a few darker shades, but they seemed a bit more prominent on our current fall and winter Fashion Week runway shows.

#3: Thick Colorful Frames

Frames come in all different shapes and sizes but what caught our attention was the detail in colorful and thick rims, which really accentuated the look and feel of the glasses themselves.

#4: Oversized Glasses

While there may have been a time when sunglasses were quite chic in smaller frames, at the moment it is all about the oversized versions, just as oversized clothing is totally in fashion these days. There is something to be said about a pair of glasses taking up half your face and making the rest of your features look small.

#5: Retro Glasses

We loved seeing the retro sunglasses come back into play, bringing to mind the ideals of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

#6: Round Glasses

There are cat eyes and there are funky shapes, thick frames and ombre lenses; there are also rounded frames that come into play this fall/ winter 2015-2016 time period that is merely an extension from the looks presented for the spring and summer seasons of the year.

#7: Geeky Glasses

Geeks and nerds may have been the butt of the popular kids’ jokes in school, but they have not been checking out the latest Fashion Week trends when it comes to eyewear. The geeky look is in and that means large frames with clear lenses and perhaps even a beret thrown on top, kind of like the Gucci look that has gone viral. There is something very sexy about a girl with a brain and the fashion designers are picking up on that quickly enough.

#8: Glasses With Ombre Effect Lenses

While some lenses come in very dark colors, others in rainbows and many in clear, we also see a whole lot of sunglasses with ombre lenses, which start darker at the top and end lighter at the bottom. This is very practical as well, for when the sun shines from the top while you need to have a clearer view when you are looking down.

#9: Funky Shapes

Shapes are big when it comes to wearing glasses of any kind. You can opt for classics, you can opt for retro, you can opt for futuristic or you can go simply fun and opt for shapes different than all others.

#10: Gray Frames

The glasses that appeared throughout the Fashion Week runway shows that took place in New York, London, Milan and Paris came in different colored frames as well as different colored lenses.

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