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Laser Technology Improves Cataract Surgery Outcomes

Written by Lisa Marie Wark, MBA & Assoc.,

The removal of cataracts is essential to prevent unnecessary loss of vision and other debilitating effects that this common condition is capable of causing. Recent innovations in the world of cataracts surgery have made it possible for those at Nevada Eye and Ear to remove cataracts with greater accuracy and precision, without having to use a knife.

Though traditional cataracts surgery would involve a surgeon utilizing a surgical blade to carefully make corneal incisions, which make it possible to remove the cataract, laser surgery has been designed to improve the precision and ease of surgery to provide a more beneficial surgical outcome.

Traditional cataract surgery

Cataract surgery in a traditional capacity is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world. It is also one of the safest, and most effective surgeries out there, depending on the skill and experience of the surgeon who practices it. In traditional cataract surgery, a skilled doctor will use a hand-held diamond blade to gently create an incision in the part of the eye where the cornea meets the sclera.

Typically, the goal is to go a small depth vertically, before cutting horizontally 2.5 mm then entering into the eye. From there, the surgeon is able to carefully break up and remove the cataract which is located behind the pupil. After this, an intraocular lens is implanted to replace the clouded natural lens.

How laser cataract surgery is performed

The laser that is used to perform delicate cataract surgery utilizes a focused beam of light which carefully and precisely creates the required incisions to remove the cataract. Using advanced technology alongside a computer guidance system that is controlled by one of Nevada Eye and Ear’s expert cataract surgeons, the laser is directed over the eye to provide the most accurate and successful results for each patient individually. This new technology makes it possible for state of the art scientific innovation to be paired with expert surgical skill in order to produce unbelievable results.

The benefit of laser cataract surgery over traditional surgery

In traditional cataract surgery, an ultrasonic device is used to break up the cataract, and during the procedure heat can build up as a result of ultrasound energy, negatively affecting the visual outcome. A laser, on the other hand, carefully softens and breaks up the cataract, meaning that less energy should be needed to remove the pieces, resulting in less chance of a distorted incision or burning.

Astigmatism, a condition called by an eyeball with an uneven shape, can also be effectively treated by laser eye surgery. About half of the population who wear glasses suffer from astigmatism.

A particularly exciting aspect of laser cataract surgery comes with the concept of optimization. In the case of an incision, a human hand guiding a blade has limitations, whereas a laser is capable of making perfect cuts that interlock and improve the chance for advanced self-healing. Combined with the expertise and skill of Nevada Eye and Ear cataracts surgeons, the use of lasers could minimize the chances of risks and provide more patients than ever before with the safest possible procedure when it comes to cataract surgery.

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