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LENSAR: Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

Cataracts, unfortunately, are a age related eye disease that many people throughout the ages have had to deal with. They are invasive and ruinous to our daily lives – clouding our vision gradually over time and making it more and more difficult to perform basic daily tasks. Despite many years of research and development there have been no significant breakthroughs in effective cataract treatment that require only pills or eye drops. The only known solution for stopping a cataract from ruining your vision is to have it surgically removed. Advanced laser cataract surgery has made cataract removal less stressful and more efficient than ever. 

How Does the Laser Work? 

A femtosecond laser is employed, aided by a computer to monitor and plan where the incisions are made, to break down the cataract into smaller pieces which can then be removed by using a process called Ultrasonic destruction. Afterwards, an artificial lens (known as an intraocular lens, or IOL) is inserted through one of the previously made incisions and sealed up to prevent any leakage or chance of infection. These procedures that are implemented during laser eye surgery, are performed daily by hundreds of doctors throughout the world, but the most advanced technology for cataract removal has recently been acquired by the team at Nevada Eye Physicians the LENSAR System. So why is the LENSAR better than the typical manual surgery? 

This Laser Softens the Cataract 

The softer the cataract becomes, the more easily it will be removed. The more easily it is removed, the less time the patient has to undergo the ultrasonic portion of the surgery. Extended uses of ultrasonic waves on the eye can cause damage to the tissues, which will elongate recovery time. Manual surgery will not allow for the cataract to be broken down, instead it must be removed by pieces. 

This Laser is Computer-Aided 

There are many benefits to the laser being guided by a computer: the incision is smoother and rounder, allowing for better precision and no excess cutting when removing the cataract, which in turn makes the implantation of the IOL much more accurate. All of this ultimately means a higher quality of returned vision and a lesser degree of risk for infection that can be likely when undergoing a manual cataract removal. 

Astigmatism Correction is Possible at the Same Time 

As a bonus, the procedure also allows the surgeon to perform an astigmatism correction, as all the prep work needed for such surgery has already been done and the equipment is in place. This means that one surgery can allow for multiple procedures, providing you with superior vision. If you or a loved one, is having vision problems, please make an appointment with one of our eye care specialists today at 702-896-6043

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