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The New Frontier of Advanced Cataract Surgery

Time is an ever moving stream, a progressive adventure we are all a part of. As we grow, aspects of our lives develop and change, as do our minds and bodies. Unfortunately, not all of these changes are for the better. Some of these changes are unappealing to us because our bodies weaken, we lose muscle strength, memory, hair, and many other things that were and are integral to us, but this does not have to be the end. The situation can be changed, undone, or fixed to make our lives easier and better. 

A New Frontier 

Thanks to the hard work of a group of America’s finest doctors, and your team of dedicated ophthalmologists at Nevada Eye Physicians, a new step has been made in the world of cataract surgery and this step is called the LENSAR System. 

What is LENSAR?

LENSAR is an innovative new system of cataract removal that uses the best in modern Augmented Reality computer imaging alongside the most promising machine-guided femtosecond lasers to create the most precise and effective cataract removal procedure yet. Utilizing a unique and highly detailed Augmented Reality (The AR in LENSAR) computer generated image of the patient’s eye, surgeons at Nevada Eye Physicians are able to swiftly and effectively plan and carry out a cataract operation with minimal hassle and negligible margin for error, since everything is dealt with by computer algorithms specifically tailored to each individual patient. 

The LENSAR Procedure 

To begin with, any procedure using the LENSAR System will require your surgeon to affix a suction ring around your eye to hold it in place for the duration of the procedure. It will then proceed to take ten images of the inside of your eye, which are then composited into a 3D replica of it for the surgeon to examine. The detail of the image is as such that it allows the surgeon to see the depths and thicknesses of all integral parts of the eye – especially the cataract itself. This detail means that any possible complications or places where the strength of the laser may need to be changed can be predicted and planned for well in advance. Each place that the laser is required to break down the cataract to ease its remove is marked and set into the procedure’s patient specific algorithm. 

Once the procedure has been planned, the surgeon is then able to begin it, and with the LENSAR system, this can be done almost immediately, while the patient is still set up to the machine. A femtosecond laser is fired at the precise locations designated by the algorithm, breaking it up into removable pieces which can be then safely removed manually. Once the pieces of the old cataract are removed, and any excess or unmovable material is destroyed, the LENSAR System can then be used to help mark out where the new intraocular lens will be placed. This is done quickly and efficiently, and marks the end of the procedure. Following this, all the patient needs to do is rest, hydrate the eye, and enjoy their renewed visual strength. If you or a loved one is suffering from a loss of vision due to cataracts, please call our office and make an appointment today at (702) 896-6043 and schedule your cataract surgery. Stop the suffering and begin a new life of clear vision.

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