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Myint Minute: Blephs

What are my options for my lower eyelids?

So you want to have those sexy, alluring, inviting eyes? Don’t waste your time with optical illusions. Lets do it right. Eyelid lift, blepharoplasty, Nip & Tuck, bag removal, eyelid skin tightening. Those are some of the terms you might have heard.

My patients sometimes are not privy to all the possible surgical options when it comes to cosmetic eyelid surgery. Patients typically come to see me and have been told about options, which do not make sense for that particular patient. There is an internal approach and an external approach to balancing your eyes. It all depends on your facial structure and harmony. The right approach also is directly dependent on your anatomy not to mention your age. The older we get the more gravity sets in and less likely an internal approach will solve your problem.

The names most commonly attributed to an internal approach blepharoplasty/eyelid lift are: transconjunctival blepharoplasty, fat transposition blepharoplasty. The names most commonly attributed to an external approach are: external blepharoplasty, skin pinch blepharoplasty, skin/muscle blepharoplasty, and fat transfer blepharoplasty. Here is the difference: external involves for the most part removing skin as well as some fat or transposing or moving the fat. Stitching is required. Internal approach is most commonly removing or transposing or moving the fat around.  No stitching, no visible scars. Both can be performed with a knife, laser, or electro cautery. The last two are sometimes referred as “bladeless blepharoplasty.” So if you want that eyelid/cheek loose skin lifted, you are a candidate for an external blepharoplasty. If you have only bags under your eyes and not much skin, you are a candidate for the internal approach. The downtime and healing are quick for the internal approach (usually 1-2 weeks). The external approach is typically 2-4 weeks on an average.

Your eyes are the most important feature on your face. Why not trust them to a seasoned expert in that area. Cheers! For more information on blephs please give us a call at 702-207-6468.

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