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Myint Minute: The Amazing Mini Face Lift

Dr. Shoib Myint

Amazing Mini Face Lifts for a Radiant Appearance

Today, the mini face lift has emerged as a popular alternative for many to the regular face lift, when there are only a few problematic areas on the face to target and improve. If you believe that you have some issues with particular areas on your face, such as the skin around your nose and lips, or your neck and jaw, you can have a mini face lift done to push back the signs of aging and revitalize your appearance. The term ‘mini’ was originally used to inform potential clients that this type of face lift would be used to treat smaller areas than a traditional, full face lift, which provides remedies to the entire face. However, there are various other things about a mini face-lift, which can be regarded as smaller than the original option, including the cost, the recovery time, and how long the procedure takes to complete.

The mini face-lift procedure

During the procedure of a mini face-lift, I make small incisions along the front part of the ear without going behind the ear into the hairline otherwise known as a “short scar incision.” From these incisions, the skin tissue and muscle are carefully lifted and adjusted to provide a more youthful appearance. Some of the most common areas that can be treated using a mini face lift are the issues of minor sagging which begin to appear around the cheeks, jowls, and neck. Typically, the side effects and risks that are associated with mini face lifts are substantially less than those that are associated with fuller face lifts. Recovery time is also shorter in most cases, with most people experiencing the benefits of the procedure within two days. However, there are some limitations with mini face lifts. For example, it is not the type of surgery that is typically used to address issues with the neck. This doesn’t mean, however, that significant results are not seen within the lower area of the face.

The impact of mini face lifts

Mini face-lifts are growing rapidly in popularity, possibly due to the fact that they are relatively cheap, and quick procedures that can actively enhance the natural beauty of a face. Some experts regard mini face lifts to be a form of preventative cosmetic surgery because it can assist in removing the signs of aging before they set into the skin. They are also considered to be low-stress treatment options, because they are less invasive than some brow or complete lifts. Often, patients can be discharged almost immediately after having a mini face lift treatment, without having to suffer a significant deal of worry or pain. Less anesthesia can be required, and the expenses of the surgery are typically kept relatively low. Please call the office at 702-456-4000, to get more information regarding mini face lifts.

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