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Need-to-Know Facts about Cataracts: Symptoms and Surgery

When a cataract begins to develop, thick clouds of protein begin to form in the lens of the eye, reducing the individual’s ability to see clearly. The lens of an eye, like the lens of a camera, helps to focus light, so that images can be clearly sent to the retina, and then to the brain.

Some Things are in Your Control

Most often, age and other factors can begin to cloud the lens through the development of cataracts, and the only way of treating this problem is with expert surgery from doctors at Nevada Eye Physicians. Although the process of cataract development within the eye can be relatively slow and straightforward, that does not mean that it is not a serious issue, and in some situations, certain elements can speed up their formation, such as:

  • Trauma or injury to the eye

  • Smoking

  • Diabetes

  • Over-exposure to sunlight (UV light)

Recognizing the Symptoms of Cataracts

Before you seek out professional assistance from the trained surgeons at Nevada Eye Physicians to help you regain your vision, you may first want to establish whether you are suffering from the symptoms of cataracts. First of all, an individual with cataracts may find that their regular vision starts to become fuzzy and less clear, as clarity is reduced and obscured by the patches of protein clouding the eye’s lens. After a while, some people find that their vision begins to acquire a tint which makes colors more difficult to recognize, or begin to appear washed out.

In some cases, the light that a person with cataracts sees may appear to be overly-intense, and individuals may begin to experience a ring of light around some images. If you have cataracts, you may find that you are unable to see properly when the sun is particularly bright, or you may have trouble dealing with the glare of headlights at night time. People with cataracts may also see double images in a symptom called ‘diplopia’. As the protein deposits on a lens start to grow bigger, this symptom will often disappear.

Anyone who begins to experience any of these symptoms, as well as individuals who begin to notice changes in their vision, or a visible white film appearing over the pupil of their eye, should speak to a professional eye doctor, or cataract surgeon immediately so that they can undergo an eye exam and possible treatment at Nevada Eye & Ear.

Cataracts Surgery

Fortunately, although cataracts are the most common loss of vision, they can be corrected with traditional and laser surgery. A cataract surgeon at Nevada Eye & Ear will make a precise incision into the eye that allows them to remove the lens affected with cataracts and replace it with a man-made alternative.

The surgery is highly-effective and very safe, allowing the patient to see much more clearly after the treatment. Those who are unsure about the process should speak to a professional about how their eyesight could be improved with surgery, and the different options they may have available to them.

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