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Springing into Allergy Season

Spring has sprung across the valley and for many of us that means allergy season!  With almost 50 million Americans suffering from seasonal allergies, it becomes a hot topic in the early spring! Most allergens are themselves harmless. What really causes allergic reactions is how your own immune system responds to take care of the perceived threat.  The reactions can range from mild to severe and life threatening.  Fortunately, most allergic reactions aren't life threatening, but can still be difficult to deal with.  Symptoms of allergies are the result of a body’s misguided assault. Allergens can form from many sources:

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Pets
  • Chemicals
  • Plants
  • Dust
  • Others

There are a variety of treatments for seasonal allergies.  Oral antihistamines, either OTC or prescription, are widely used for systemic problems.  Topical medications are also available in different forms.  As far as the eye goes, lubricating eye drops, commonly referred to as artificial tears, can be helpful in washing away allergens that land in the eye and soothe the eye.  Ocular antihistamines and anti-Inflammatory drops are also available and can be very helpful in relieving symptoms related to allergic conjunctivitis.  A more conservative, yet effective approach, would include using a cool compress to temporarily aid with itching associated with allergy. Using these remedies and following the advice can help reduce the dread that many feel during allergy season. For additional information or is symptoms persist, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stradling at (702)-896-6043.  

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