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Traditional Cataract Surgery vs. Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Darrick Neibaur DO, Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Cataract Surgery

Every day my patients ask me; “Doc, is it better to have traditional cataract surgery or laser cataract surgery?” In my opinion it is better to have laser-assisted cataract surgery and here's why: Cataract surgery is the most common surgery performed today.  Cataract surgery is very safe with excellent outcomes. Traditional cataract surgery is done with hand-held surgical blades used to make incisions in the eye.  Once the incisions are made, a bent needle or forceps are used to open the delicate capsule surrounding the cataract called a capsulorhexis.  This step is important because if the opening is too large, small or off-center, it could affect the implantable lens that is inserted after the cataract is removed.  A probe is then used which emits ultrasonic energy to break up the cataract.  This energy gets dispersed throughout the eye and can cause swelling and inflammation.  The recovery time varies between patients, but typically can be just a few days.

Advances in cataract surgery

Laser technology offers a new level of precision and reproducibility in ophthalmic surgery.  Laser-assisted cataract surgery (blade free) allows me to develop an accurate individual plan for my patients using 3-D technology.  The laser creates self-sealing incisions which are more precise.  It creates a near perfect, well centered capsulorhexis for optimum positioning of the lens implant.  The laser also decreases the amount of ultrasonic energy by softening and fragmenting the cataract prior to extraction. This allows me to remove the cataract in less time, with minimal power and less trauma to the eye over traditional cataract surgery and that's a win in my book!

Enhanced focus

Laser-assisted cataract surgery also allows me to enhance your focus by correcting astigmatism.  Some level of astigmatism is detectable in almost 95% of eyes.  Astigmatism is an irregular or regular curvature of the cornea or lens that does not allow light rays a common focal point.   Using the laser to perform your cataract operation can sharpen your focus and help you become less dependent on glasses and contact lenses after surgery. Cataract surgery can provide an enormous boost in your lifestyle.  Each patient is unique and after a careful examination, we will decide together what the best plan is for you. 

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