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Treat Cataracts with the Lensar Laser in Las Vegas

The more we age, the more likely we are to suffer from cataracts. This happens when the protein contained within the lens of the eye starts to clump together, causing cloudy vision.

It is important to remove cataracts as quickly as possible when it starts to affect a person's vision. However many people become anxious about the idea of a surgeon?no matter how talented, cutting into their eye to help them. Fortunately, the advanced LENSAR technology at Nevada Eye & Ear has made cataract removal more effective than ever.

Understanding LENSAR

Dr. Surjeet Singh of Nevada Eye Physicians and the Medical Director of Ophthalmology at Stonecreek Surgery Center is offering patients the opportunity to experience premium cataract surgery conducted with the LENSAR laser system. This is a new development in cataract removal technology that is used to safely remove the eye of cataracts and restore vision.

The goal of this procedure is to correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is an optical defect in which vision is blurred due to the inability of the optics of the eye to focus a point object into a sharp focused image on the retina. This may be due to an irregular or toric curvature of the cornea or lens. Dr. Singh commented that with the 3D imaging introduced by LENSAR, it is far easier to see everything within the eye in greater detail.

Much to the relief of many patients, LENSAR removes the need for instruments such as blades and scalpels, and replaces them with the careful precision of a state-of-the-art laser. With LENSAR, Dr. Singh can remove cataracts utilizing the same technology that has been used through LASIK procedures for years.

LENSAR is recognized throughout the world as a leader in refractive cataract surgery. It offers surgeons such as Dr. Singh a level of accuracy, precision and efficiency that could not be achieved before by any other means. The technology equips the doctor with much more information about the condition of the patient’s eye, and the most accurate way to address the surgery.

The Procedure

Images are taken of the inside of the patient's eye, carefully composited into a 3D replica, which gives the surgeon a greater understanding of the condition of the eye. Because of the precise detail of the imagining, the surgeon is able to see every aspect of the cataract. This allows the surgeon to prepare for any potential difficulties and enhance the opportunity for the best possible results.

Once the procedure has carefully been planned, the surgeon will use the LENSAR system to break down the cataract into pieces that can be removed easily from the eye. When they are removed, the LENSAR can then be used to mark out where a brand new intraocular lens should be placed.

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