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Carol Blacklidge “Dr. Lorenz did a wonderful job and now I can see to drive and read signs. And I don’t have to worry about putting on those horrible coke-bottle glasses anymore!”

Video Transcription

Well I have needed glasses since I was eight years old, and I used to have to wear those Coke bottle glasses. And it was horrible, just horrible because I would hide them, I'd break them. I never wanted to wear them. And I went without glasses, and without seeing very well for many years. But I've been coming here to Nevada Eye & Ear for many many years. And I needed cataract surgery. So the doctor used the LENS-R system on me, and it was painless. It was so quick. It was just wonderful, just wonderful. I had no idea that it was that easy. Dr. Lorenz did a wonderful job. I thanked him after he did both of them. It wasn't done at the same time. There were two different times that I had done it. And now I can see to drive and read signs, and I don't have to worry about putting those heavy Coke bottle glasses on anymore.